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Safety Engineering Research

SAFETY ENGINEERING RESEARCH is Poland based provider of technological solutions for automotive industry, research and education.  Since 2005 we help our Customers and Partners to build safer and smarter vehicles. Thanks to the strategic partnership with TASS International (now Siemens) and IBEO Automotive Systems we bring to you engineering expertise, simulation tools and hardware necessary to take on the road towards safe, autonomous and reliable transportation.

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Products and services

MADYMO, PreScan and DelfTyre software packages are industry standard in development of passive safety systems, active safety and autonomous driving, and modelling of vehicle dynamics. We also have special offer for Universities to help educate next generation of engineers. Read more

There will be no autonomous vehicle performing better-than-human without LIDAR sensors on-board. We offer IBEO world leading LIDAR sensor systems for referencing and driving autonomy. Read more

SEARCH engineering team supports our customers in development of passive and active safety systems. We also train in use of MADYMO and PreScan, as well as provide services in LIDAR system integration, data processing and vehicle control. Read more


Michał Pędzisz

Michał graduated in 2003 with honour from Warsaw University of Technology and holds MSc in biomechanics. He has over 15 years of experience in biomechanics and numerical modelling of passive safety systems and 8 year in f active safety systems modelling and software development. Michał is an experienced project leader with AGILE methodology knowledge and has successfully conducted numerous simulation and development projects.

Krystian Konarzewski

Krystian is an experienced project leader with AGILE methodology knowledge. He holds MSc from robotics and has studied at Warsaw University of Technology and in Nagoya, Japan. In 2002 he has been awarded Archimedes Prize, granted to most promising young European scientist. 2005 he co-funded SEARCH, first working on dummy development, then leading software testing, data processing and sales division of the company.


Value of an engineering company stems directly from skills and talents of its cadre.  At SEARCH we do recognise that and do our best to attract exceptional people. If you are a talented engineer, can show initiative, think out of the box and teamplay, you will fit right in. We will challenge you with problems to tackle, but also will give you a chance to develop and have fun. If you are interested in working with us, do not hesitate to send us a message. We are always keen on meeting talented people.

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