Simulation software

Presently, numerical modelling is a standard tool in automotive industry. Computer simulation allows to test and optimise the design early in the development. This reduces risk of making significant design changes later on, when each modification is difficult and costly to implement. We are distributor of a software toolchain that essentially allows to test vehicle pre-crash and in-crash safety systems in virtual environment.  Moreover, we provide full methodology and training how to use our simulation software to get the best results. We also offer special software packages for education and full support for Universities who wish to use MADYMO or PreScan to train future engineers.
MADYMO is a versatile crash simulation software combining MultiBody and Finite Elements technologies. It is a world wide standard in modelling and optimisation of occupants safety systems. The software comes with full set of environmental tools to build and manage models and simulation results AND, quite uniquely, with an extensive database of ready to use dummy models and human body models. Due to its speed, MADYMO can be used to efficiently run multi-second simulation to investigate occupants pre-crash behaviour.
PreScan is a physic-based simulation tool used to develop active safety systems and driving autonomy. PreScan allows to build realistic test scenarios, covering any imaginable road situation (including these too dangerous to be tested in real life) and to apply advanced sensor models to simulate system response. Coupling with Matlab allows easy testing of control algorithms and helps to combine PreScan with other simulation software, such as dedicated vehicle dynamics packages. PreScan can also be run on real-time platforms or computational clusters for HiL and parallelisation purposes.
Delft-Tyre is a range of products and services to model tyre behaviour for vehicle dynamics simulation. Our tyre models are suitable for whole range of applications and backed by a tyre testing service and model fitting tools that make transition from experimental results to model parameters easy. Delf-Tyre model are available for number of simulation software. We also provide tyre testing service on request.